Fish Finders Review

Each  and every year offers a fresh crop of fish finders are more impressive, both in value as well as technology. Here’s the quick rundown of which are the Best Fish Finders around!

Lowrance DSI Fish Finder


Lowrance Elite-4x DSI Color Fishfinder

Lowrance Elite-4x DSI Color Fishfinder

Lowrance DSI Fish Finder units are making their way into many kayaks and motorboats because of their functionality and affordability. Recreational fishers can skip the guesswork and do some real and easy fishing with this fish finder. If you have a whole day to splurge, with only your line to worry about, you can do fishing like the old days –laid back, sunlight on your face, fresh breeze while patiently waiting for that hopeful tug on the line, and not worrying of going home empty-handed. However, if you are in it for the game, you can do fishing the sure way – for a gorgeous fish supper to devour at the end of every trip, or just for the Trophy.

There are many fish finders in todays market. Many brands claim to be the best on the market. One respected company is Lowrance, a company specializing in the manufacture of marine electronics. Lowrance produces many units of fish finders, including the Elite series that employs down scan imaging or DSI.

Great Display

One awesome feature of the DSI is the clear display of the image and location of the fish. The images come in colored display on a screen that measures 5 inches. The display allows you to distinguish fish from other structures. You can see the details of the structure on the screen, unlike other fish finders that display fish IDs. The Elite-5 boasts of 480 X 480 pixels to give you the visual information that you need for fishing. With its CCFL backlight on the screen, you can clearly see the images, even against the glare of daylight. Other previous units of DSI are smaller with lower resolutions. The earlier units can also be swivelled, unlike the Elite-5 which could only be adjusted up and down. You can find the Lowrance DSI Fish Finder on Click Here To Check them out.

Advanced Technology

The sonar technology of the DSI fish finder can operate to a depth of up to 250 feet and at speeds of 40 miles per hour. Whether you are in a kayak or a motorboat, you can still capture the images. However, at faster speeds, you will find the image constantly refreshing so don’t expect to see the image at real time when you are in over 40 miles an hour motion. Furthermore, it does not work well in shallow waters or beyond 250 feet at times.
Aside from depth, this finder also displays temperature. Other features include the transducer, and built-in GPS chart plotters to maximize the effectiveness of this fish finder. The transducers come with a 20 feet long cable, so you would not have to extend the wiring as with other fish finders. This fish finder also produces around 3,000 very detailed lake maps. It is great for salt water and fresh water environments.

Ease of use

Lowrance DSI fish finder is easy to use and install, especially if you have operated other fish finders before. You manage the unit using switch button controls.  If it is your first time using the unit, you may have some difficulty navigating through all the settings and understanding the images. The manual can also get confusing because of some of the items in it, so the manual is not the best. You can practice using the unit since it does not really take a genius to go through the menu. Alternately ask someone who has already used Lowrance in order to get used to the unit to understand how the Lowrance DSI Fish Finder works. You can find the Lowrance DSI Fish Finder on Click Here To Check them out.

The Garmin 550C Fish Finder

Garmin 550C Fish Finder

Garmin 550C Fish Finder

If you are looking at moderately priced fish finders, then don’t overlook the Garmin Echo 550c. This finder has some great features and can be set up in a short time.

The finder comes with Power cable; Quick release mount with tilt and swivel, Transducer / mounting bracket, hardware and trolling motor clamp and Documentation.

The product dimensions are 1.8 x 6 x 5.9 inches, which is about average for the price.

Key Features:

The interface is a dream and simple to understand even for the novice, with plainly marked buttons and a straightforward menu.

The transom-mount transducer has a quick-release tilt mount, which certainly makes the operation of removal and fitting an easy task. It is also notable how tight the unit is when attached, we have known units that do not feel secure when mounted, but the 550c does not have that particular problem. You can find the Garmin 550c fish finder on Click Here To Check them out.

The sonar capacity is relatively powerful with the ability to see clearly the defined bottom details down to 1900ft, although this is in fresh water.

The Echo 550 has 500w RMS power that takes its capability to a different level, and with the dual-beam transducer which increases the angle of viewing past the perimeter of the boat, which is a really helpful addition. The angle of vision is increased to 120 degrees wide, which is sufficient for the needs of most fishermen.

The actual screen size is 4.0 x 2.9 screen resolutions is excellent at 640 pixels high and vertically 480 giving a vivid clear picture; the 550c also has a satisfactory color contrast. Unlike some other fish finders, the screen can be clearly seen even in bright sunlight. The brightness menu offers 10 different settings and also has two color schemes for daytime viewing; one is white and the other blue. We found the white setting was better in bright sunlight, although if you live in the UK, you will probably be using the blue setting.

When utilizing the unit at night you can use the night time palette which uses the traditional black background and white fonts and normal colors to show objects such as fish, bottom or structure.

Performance and Innovation:
Some of the features of the 550c are the selectable zoom, variable depth display number size, adjustable picture advance speed, and a choice of color palettes.

The zoom mode has three settings manual, automatic or bottom lock.
The settings for manual and bottom lock can be set from 5 up to 600 feet with the choice of nine ranges. The manual depth range of the zoom feature is set by using the up or down arrows.
The sonar set up menu has several adjustments for the control of noise –Reducing, surface noise, scroll speed and color scheme. There are four settings for noise and scroll reduction, and the surface noise can either be on or off.

Onscreen you can view five segments of data at one time including water temperature, battery voltage and depth. This information is clear and easy to read.

There are three automatic settings for Gain, which can also be manually adjusted in a range of zero to 100; this can be done separately for any of the frequencies. The depth range has automatic or manual adjustments available, which have 16 ranges to choose from, of between five to 2000 feet.
Within the menu, the calibration of the unit is easy to operate and has a few options for the fine-tuning of the unit to suit your boat’s requirements. The keel offset, boat speed and water temperature can all be adjusted for your needs.

Whilst the choice and capabilities of fish finders is relatively large for the price, you certainly are getting a quality product, Garmin is well known for producing quality and the 550 fish finder falls within that bracket. If the 550C is above your price range but you like Garmi products the Garmin 300C is worth a look. You can find the Garmin Echo 550c fish finder on Click Here To Check them out.

Humminbird 565 Fish Finder

Humminbird 565 Fishfinder

Humminbird 565 Fishfinder

If you are into recreational and sports fishing, you may not be new to the Humminbird 565 Fish Finder. You may find many fish finders in the market, and Humminbird is among those that guarantee quality for a low price and great  technology. While there are several downsides to the fish finder, the features   are top-grade to ensure results. You will find great use for the 565 whether you are in a kayak or a trolling motor, in a saltwater or freshwater environment.

Clear Display in Real Time

Humminbird 565 guarantees to give a clear display in its 5” LCD screen. With a resolution of 640 X 340 pixels, the unit allows you to see the underwater structures and fish with clarity. Compared to the other Humminbird units in the 500 series, the 565 gives the best resolution. This finder is, however, in grayscale so you might prefer its colored counterparts. Nevertheless even in grayscale, the display is on 12 levels for contrasts that distinctly reveal images with target separation. The display is also in real time with an acceleration of 40 times per second, so you are sure to capture the images at up to 800 feet at the bottom of the water. You can see the display at 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x zoom for better viewing. You can also adjust the backlight for night and day settings. You can find the Hummingbird 565 fish finder on Click Here To Check them out.

Sonar Technology

The 565 boasts of DualBeam sonar technology resulting in a very detailed image on your display. The narrow beam has ID’s structures at a precision of 20 degrees. The transducer also allows the fish finder to cover an area of 60 degrees. The images of the two beams are displayed into one image on your screen with interpretations and background information. The 565 unit also interprets depth as well as temperature.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The unit features easy-to-use interface for you to adjust the settings easily according to your preferences. You can configure the display and readings to conform to your fishing environment. The manual provides all the vital instructions for unit use.

Mount, Tilt and Swivel

You can quickly and easily mount and dismount the unit. Resulting in a better viewing experience. You can tilt and swivel the Humminbird 565. Whether you are standing up and ready for action, or sitting and relaxing on your boat, you can view the screen with clarity. The tilt and swivel feature also allows you to mount the 565 at any part of your boat at different positions. However, some complain that this product is not very durable. The transducer can break off when tangled to vines and roots of plants in the water so it may not be the ideal fish finder for swamps.


The Humminbird 565 is very affordable. While not the latest of technology, compared to the other recent fish finders, the 565 unit is very reliable for its price. For the average Joe, the 565 is suitable enough to give all the necessary information with speed during an ordinary fishing trip. You can find the Humminbird 565 fish finder on Click Here To Check them out.

Garmin 300C Fish Finder

Dual-Beam Fish Finder


Garmin echo 300c Dual-Beam Fishfinder

Garmin echo 300c Dual-Beam Fishfinder

Fishing is a whole new experience for amateurs and experts alike with the Garmin 300c Portable Fish Finder. Garmin, a big name in marine electronics, has again lived up to its reputation to all recreational fishers with the 300c version. It is small, sleek and reliable. It is also simple and straight forward to give you just the right information that you need. It is one of your must-haves when you are out there enjoying recreational, or sports fishing.


Garmin 300c fish finder is portable. You can carry it with you hassle-free on any of your fishing trips. Perfectly small-sized and light-weight, the 300c can be brought along with your other fishing gear without dragging you down. You can use it in various types of fishing environments from serene lakes to salty waters. However, it is primarily used in freshwater lakes by recreational anglers. It is water-proof so it functions properly even when wet from splashes of surf, or when submerged in water. It is advisable to bring along a battery charger; to ensure the Fish finder would last until you get your prize catch.

You can find the Garmin 300c fish finder on Click Here To Check them out.

Easy to Install

Garmin 300c is also designed for easy mounting at the dash, back of the boat or anywhere convenient for you. It has a mount that can be easily attached to your paddle boat or electric motor. The only downside when installing this unit is the short length of the power cable. You have to have extra power wire when installing this unit so you can have sufficient length.  You might also find the mount low for viewing when you stand on your boat. The unit has a tilt, but you may have to extend the mount for better viewing.


Using the Garmin 300c is a no brainer. You do not need to memorize the items in the manual (though it is highly advised for optimum use) to be able to configure the settings and use the unit. It has a very user-friendly interface. You can customize the settings such as the display, alerts and volume.
What it lacks in size, it clearly makes up with the visibility of its display. The resolution is visible enough for easy viewing at the back of the boat. The 3.5 inches QVGA display has 320 x 240 pixels. It provides very clear visibility even when fishing under direct sunlight. The contrast and colored display are  amazingly dependable compared to the grey scale counterparts. It has a split-zoom feature with 2x and 4x zooms.


Garmin 300c is also very reliable and accurate. This is just what you need to get your line to where it should be. You want to make sure you get the perfect prize catch that will truly complete your fishing experience.
The unit can give readings of temperature and depth using sonar technology. It is suitable when fishing at shallow waters and waters with a depth of up to 900’. You can set the range of the depth and make a reference on a certain depth displayed on the screen. Sonar beams are interpreted with fish symbols as well as background information so you can easily analyze whether the target is fish or structure. The transducer can also be configured to offset the movement on the surface of the keel, which could affect readings.

Moderately Priced

This unit is moderately-priced. With its features and reasonable price, 300c is truly worth the purchase. It is not the only fish finder with the best resolution. However it is one of the best in its price range. You can find the Garmin 300c fish finder on Click Here To Check them out.


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